Clean Office Space Can Increase Productivity

The reality is that something as small as keeping a clean, maintained, and safe workplace is something that can boost the creativity and productivity of your employees. Here are a few ways that maintaining clean office space and office environment can increase productivity, across your company.

A Clean Office Makes Employees Happier

When you break down the time that your employees spend in the office vs. the time that they spend at their home or anywhere else, they may spend the majority of their waking hours at work. With that being the case, they want to make sure that their place of work is a clean and comfortable place to come to. Especially since they are there at least 40 hours per week.

Why is cleanliness so important for maintaining your office and workspace?

Cleanliness is synonymous with “happiness in a lot of cases.  If you have cluttered meeting rooms, board rooms, office spaces, and public areas, you are really going to hamper the happiness and joy of your employees. They may be too stressed with the lack of cleanliness and organization around them to be able to focus and accomplish good work. Make sure that you keep a clean and clear office space so they can keep a clear mind to work and be happy.

Clean Workspaces Boost Creativity

There are some that will always argue that they need to mess around them to get the productive and creative juices flowing. Regardless of whether you hear that from your employees and team or not, that is simply not the case. Just like clutter can be a distraction to your team and the people around them, mess and a lack of organization also inhibits creativity.

Many executives think that creativity is a tool that can only be used by creative teams, but in reality, creativity is a major tool when it comes to problem-solving. Encourage your team that if they don’t need something immediately and it is on their desk, to clear it off their desk and file it away for later. Keeping their workspace organized and clutter-free is going to help them access their creativity and creative problem-solving capabilities that they can use to generate better results in everything they do from daily tasks to long-term projects.

Improves Focus

Keeping a clean and decluttered workspace clears the unnecessary and unwanted clutter from your life and your teammates’ lives so that you can focus on the work that matters. Science and repeated testing have shown that the vast majority of individuals work better when they have a clean and clear space to work from. Messy environments threaten and impede your sense of focus and personal control over the tasks at hand, and can severely limit or prevent your team from accomplishing key projects with greater efficiency, in shorter periods of time.

Clean Office Spaces Reduce Stress

You may have already gathered this from the previous points, but keeping a clean office space for your team and employees reduces stress levels. This is not only better for the intellectual, social, and emotional well-being of your time, but also relaxes them in a way that allows them to produce better work.

Clutter and unclean workplaces create stress, while clean and organized offices and workplaces tend to reduce stress and provide a clearer mental palette to work from.

Keeping a Healthy Work Space

With the recent boom in the contagiousness of Covid-19, you and your employees both need to know that you have a safe and healthy place to work. If your team gets the sense that their place of work is unclean or could potentially harbor viruses or bacteria, their stress levels will rise, and their focus will be redirected from their work to staying healthy while they are in the office.

Office spaces are much like schools in that they are Petri dishes for bacteria. It seems like when one person gets sick, it is only a matter of time before everyone in the office is sick as well. For your employees’ health, safety, and productivity you need to make sure that you are keeping a clean office space.


During these trying times in our city and our country, it can be difficult to prioritize keeping your office clean and organized.