Advantages of Using a Commercial Cleaning Service for your Business

We understand how important having a clean and organized work environment is to your workers, but the impact it can have on your business is often overlooked.

  • 94 percent of customers reported that they will not return to a business that has dirty restrooms.

When you supply your customers with a pleasant environment in which to shop, you are taking the first step in ensuring excellent customer service and client satisfaction. Having a commercial cleaning service attend to all of your maintenance needs can help your business succeed in the following ways:

    1. Increase productivity of employees If your employees are tasked with maintenance jobs in addition to their duties to your clients, at some point customer service is going to suffer. Either your employees will be required to leave a client waiting while they attend to janitorial duties, or a customer will be offended by the disarray of the work environment when they come into your shop.Your employees may be excellent at multitasking and doing their best to maintain the premises, but during peak business hours accidents often happen. By hiring a professional cleaning service, you can help your employees focus more on the clients that are in-store and less on general cleaning duties. When you choose Allied Facility Care, you can rest assured that both your employees and customers will be greeted with a pristine and pleasant environment each day.
      • The most common items infected with germs in the workplace aren’t floors or walls. Computer keyboards, phones, faucets, desks, and computer screens. These items are rarely cleaned without professional cleaning services.
    1. Increase customer satisfaction In addition to allowing your employees to focus on giving excellent customer service, a client is more likely to view your business in a favorable light if the shop is well attended to, clean and neat. The image that they will be left of your company is that you are professional and well-run, which is exactly the type of image businesses want to create for themselves.If a customer comes into your shop and is confronted with disarray or a messy work environment, they are less likely to trust in the fact that your goods and services are the best available ones on the market, and may take their business elsewhere.
      • 60 percent of consumers say experiencing a clean and neat shopping environment has encouraged them to repeat shop, shop more, and stay in the business longer.
    1. Safeguard your employee’s health The average employee takes 7.7 sick days a year. Not only does this leave you short-staffed, but it also costs extra money in order to hire a replacement to fill their spot. If that’s not a possibility, you could lose customers over the issues that arise when you are attempting to run your business with fewer employees, or end up taking extra time at work yourself to fill the gaps.Allied Facility Care understands that eventually, some of your employees will be sick. We work to limit the scope of illness by disinfecting all the surfaces your employees come into contact with each day. By maintaining a cleaner environment, viruses and bacteria have less opportunity to spread and lead to employee absence.
      • Unplanned employee absences lead to a 54 percent decrease in productivity.
    1. Potentially increase sales Every business owner knows that getting customers into the shop to browse is a key point in turning a profit. The longer you have a customer in your store, the more your chances of either making a sale or achieving a higher price point on the sale through impulse buys or recommendations from your employees upsales.
      • Research shows that a dirty business environment can lead to a 39 percent drop in sales.

      If your shop isn’t neat and clean, customers won’t want to linger and review your other merchandise. Allied Facility Care understands that you need your clients to take their time and browse the available products, and carefully cleans your business prior to leaving to ensure everything is attended to, from empty waste bins to dusting off the shelves.

  1. Encourages repeat customers Since having a clean and organized shopping environment is so important to consumers, they are more likely to return to your shop if their previous experience has been favorable. Many customers prefer to stay loyal to a business that they know and trust, rather than branch out and risk a business that is unproven.
    Allied Facility Care can help you make the best first impression on your clients and maintain that image through consistent, professional results. If you’re ready to see how hiring a professional, dedicated commercial cleaner can increase your customer base and profit margin, please contact us today for your free quote. We’re pleased to work with businesses to help them achieve their highest level of success by providing a productive and pleasant environment.